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SIGNED paperback Solo Zone editions

  • Movies Worth Watching More Than Once --$25 a lifestyle guide by Charles Wehrenberg
  • Einstein Alive --$25 poetry by Neeli Cherkovski
  • BEFORE NEW YORK --$25: historical spy novel by Charles Wehrenberg set in 16th century Europe and Japan.
  • -INE POEMS & IN THE MANNER OF ANIMALS --$25: poetry by Bart Alberti & photographs by Sally Larsen.
  • NO TOADS IN HEAVEN --$25: a first Gene Florian latin American adventure by James M. Mallon.
  • PLOY OF COOKING --$25: a why-bother-to cookbook & who-else-shot-JFK exposé by Charles Wehrenberg.
  • RADIO-REACTIVE APPLES --$25: nine stories about man, microwaves and cocaine by Charles Wehrenberg.
  • WILL BALL --$25: Sci-Fi by Charles Wehrenberg featuring sex and games in tomorrow's virus inundated world.

  • Titles by Charles Wehrenberg available fom other publishers

  • MISSISSIPPI BLUE, hardcover --$60: sixty cyanotypes by Henry P. Bosse with an essay by Charles Wehrenberg (Twin Palms 2002).
  • PHILIP TAAFFE: NEW PAINTINGS--$40; Atomic Painting essay by Charles Wehrenberg (Gagosian Gallery 2000)