SOLO ZONE    founder Charles Wehrenberg      Put your money where your heart is.

      Raconteur Charles Wehrenberg lives and works in San Francisco; he was born in Saint Louis Missouri in 1944. Solo Zone Publishing & Design began as thirty years of intellectual effort crystallized into a design concept, several books, and a web site to pitch them with crude animations called "Jumpies". That was 1995; tides were changing. The internet seemed destined to reshape thinking, and it certainly has. Yet while the economic terrain has changed dramatically, art remains a matter of Living Outloud!

       Have thoughtfully designed objects become anachronistic? I don't think so: There is nothing quite like sitting in a well designed chair reading a good book. The fact is if you love fine things, you make them even as the world around you crumbles. The showroom based furniture business is a dinosaur. And once solid book publishers are now fighting for their very existence as our world becomes ever more available online and otherwise layered and hyper-contextural.

      Jump forward to 2011. The long-standing, truck-based, distribution paradigms which demand over shipment and generate massive returns have become more than anachronistic: They are no longer sustainable. Fortunately, these saturation-based marketing strategies are no longer required. The modern view is Why not buy from the guy online? If the online kiosk is easy to deal with and if they can deliver what you want, pricing will be the key.

      We believe innovative design and small press publishing are an important part of a free society. Given our view of tomorrow, we plan to concentrate on making our products available online.

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