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Hey, is their logo turning into your lard?

        I can empathize. Coca Cola and sparkling water almost did me in. Indeed, I looked quite like a Perrier bottle when I found myself forty pounds over-weight at forty. A frightening fact presented itself when I calculated that I had only to have over-eaten a mere twelve calories every day of my life to achieve this well-larded condition. Clearly, the small things can really add up over time. Obviously, calories are the main issue, however, they are not the only one. The demons of insatiability which overwhelm self-control are not so immediately obvious. For instance, did you ever consider the consequences of the insideous bubbles in beverages which chronically enlarge the stomach: Subsequently one needs to eat ever more to feel satisfied. THEY blame salt and sugar and carbos, and rightfully so, but t is bubles which really blow things out of proportion. Here are my keys to being satisfied with a little less. The only things I have given up pretty much entirely are bubbles. That's why I call it the Bubble-free diet. This will be explained in slightly more detail in my forthcoming Kindle ebook How to Survive your Mouth.

- - Charles Wehrenberg - -

Here is reality
Everyone's reality
The required epiphany

You are NOT dieting
When you eat for
The person you want to be.

The fact is:

If you eat for the person you want to be,
your weight will come into line.


        CALORIES... how many do you really need?

        Determining the number of calories that you actually need is the trick. It's a very personal number. A calorie is a measure of heat energy, a pound of human fat containing approximately 4000 such calories. While the body needs protein and soluble fiber (think lean meat, quinoa and squash) precisely where you get the required number of calories is less important than keeping a reasonable mix and keeping track of how much you eat. Remember, whatever your weight, you are successful: You have become the caloric sum of your actions. If you are overweight, there is only eating right or continued overeating. When you think about it, actually eating for whom you want to be can't be dieting at all. It is simply eating right. The mental gymnastics required to achieve this blessed realization are a bit beyond my intentions here, so let's move on.

        Who do you want to be? [Answer in pounds, please]

        Just how many calories do you need? The question is, what do you want to weigh in pounds? All you really have to do is to decide whom you want to be in pounds and to assess honestly who you are on a daily basis. Action defines the person metabolically. Are you sedentary, meaning that you mostly sit around while awake? Are you moderately active, meaning you are on your feet a lot and moving around constantly while awake? Or are you very active meaning that you are on your feet all day, moving fast and carrying something heavy around at least eight hours a day, everyday, like a farm worker or a professional athelete?

        Your Dream Weight calorie calculator

  • Once you know whom you want to be in pounds and who you are action-wise, you can make the required calorie calculation:

  • Your dream weight in pounds multiplied by 12 will give you your total calories needed per day as a couch potato;

  • Your dream weight in pounds multiplied by 13 will give you your total daily calories required as a moderately active adult;

  • Your dream weight in pounds multiplied by 14 will give you your total daily calories required as an active child or teenager;

  • Your dream weight in pounds multiplied by 15 calories will give you the total number of daily calories you need to be hyper active.

    The BUBBLE-FREE Diet

    YOU will not be overweight for long if YOU:

  • Never stretch your stomach with bubble-loaded beverages like Coca Cola, Pepsi, diet sodas, sparkling water, or beer.

  • Consume non-fat milk, minimize butter & cheese; NEVER eat salty sweet logo blubber [aka ice cream] like Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry's

  • Drink alcohol only on special occasions (never daily with lunch or dinner.)

  • Minimize eating carbohydrates in general, especially wheat, noodles, bread, and chips.

  • Exercise regularly: say 40 minutes every other day. This is important as a fit body burns fat while an out of shape body stores fat.

  • Keep in Mind

    Eating is not safe sex!


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