SOLO ZONE author

NEELI CHERKOVSKI (b. 1945): Born in Southern California with poetic inclinations, Cherkovski has made San Francisco his home since 1975. He is known for his poetry and his prose which have been widely published.


2010      Einstein Alive, Solo Zone Publishing Kindle edition, San Francisco

2005      Einstein Alive, Solo Zone Publishing, San Francisco

2005      Fronteras Rotas, (Bi-lingual collection of poems), Generacion Editorial.University of Guadalajara, and New College of California, Mexico City

2005      Naming the Nameless (Bi-lingual edition), Ediciones La Caudrilla de la Langosta, Mexico City

2004      Naming the Nameless, Sore Dove Publications, SF, CA

2004      Leaning Against Time, R.Crow, Grass Valley, CA

2004      Off the Tongues of Sinners (with A.D. Winans, Gerald Nicosia and Bradley Hamlin), 12 Gauge Press, San Clemente CA

1996      Animal, Berkeley, CA. Pantograph Press

1996      Elegy for Bob Kaufman, Sun Dog Press, Northville, MI

1993      Ways in the Wood, Creeker Press, Prestonburg, KY

1985      Clear Wind, Avant Books, San Diego CA

1983      Love Proof, Greenlight Press, SF CA

1975      The Waters Reborn, Red Hill Press, LA CA

1975      Public Notice, Beatitude Press, SF CA

1974      Home, American, Deep Forest Press, Alexandria, VA

1973      Don't Make a Move, Tecumsah Press, San Bernardino, CA

(Some of these publications have appeared in Spanish, French,
German, Japanese, and Finnish editions)

1999      Whitman's Wild Children (Revised, expanded) Portraits of Twelve Poets, Steerforth Press, South Royalton VT

1997      Bukowski :A Life, Steerforth Press, South Roylaton, VT

1996      Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, Volume 24, "the Making of a Poet: An Autobiographical Interlude, Gale Research, Detroit, M.I.

1991      Hank: the Life of Charles Bukowski, Random House, NY. NY.. 1991

1988      Heartbeat, Maro Verlag, Augsburg, Germany

1988      Whitman's Wild Children, Lapis Press, LA CA

1979      Ferlinghetti: A Life, Doubleday, NY NY


2005      The Other Side of the Postcard, edited by Devorah Major, City Lights Foundation

2003      Grass Valley Anthology, edited by William Gainer, R. Crowe Press, Grass Valley CA

2003      Aggressive Behavior Anthology, edited by Owen Roberts

2002      An Eye for An Eye Makes the Whole World: Poets on 9.11 edited by Allen Cohen, Regent Press, Berkeley, CA

2001      Poesia de Generacion, edited by Carlos Martinez Renteria, Generacion, Mexico City

2000      Drinking With Bukowski: Recollections of the Poet Laureate of Skid Row, edited by Daniel Weizmann, Thunder's Mouth Press, NYNY

2000      Feltzelen Muzsa: Mai Amerika Koltok (Half-Naked Muse, Contemporary American Poets, Magyar Konuvklubas, Budapest, Hungry

1999      Ragged Lion: A Tribute to Jack Micheline, edited by John Bennett, The Smith and Vagabond Press, Ellensburg, OR

1998      The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, edited by Alan Kaufman, Thunder's Mouth Press, NYNY

1994      A Night at the Palace: Benefit for Visual Aids, edited by Tisa Walden, Cups: A Cafe Journal, SF CA

1994      Slam! Poetry Heftige Dichtung Amerika, Drukhaus Galrev, Berlin, Germany

1990      Stovepiper, Book Two, edited by Mike Daley, Stovepiper, Books, L.A. CA

1989      Would You Wear My Eyes: a Tribute to Bob Kaufman, edited by Jack Hircshman, The Bob Kaufman Collective, SF CA 1989

1980      Practicing Angels, Poetry of the SF Bay Area

1978      Terpentin on the Rocks, edited by Charles Bukowski and Carl Weissner, Tashenbuch Veralag, Augsuburg, Germany

1978      Second Coming Anthology: Ten Years in Retrospect, edited by A.d. Winans, Second Coming Press

1978      19 Plus 1, An Anthology of San Francisco Poets, edited by A.D. Winans, Second Coming Press, SF CA

1977      Reaping: Poems, Cries, Chants, Tributes Songs, for the Farmworkers, edited by Mary Rudge, Cocono, Alameda, CA

1976      California Bicentennial Poets Anthology, edited by A.D. Winans, Second Coming Press, SF CA

1974      For Neruda, For Chile, edited by Walt Lowenfels, Citadel Press, NY


1984      Peace or Perish with Herman Berlandt, National Poetry Association, SF CA

1979      Beatitude 20th Anniversary Issue, with Raymond Foye, Beatitude Press, SF CA

1972      Anthology of L.A. Poets with Charles Bukowski and Paul Vangelisti, Red Hill Press, LA CA

1969-71      Laugh Literacy and Man the Humping Guns, with Charles Bukowski, LA CA

1961-65      Black Cat Review, San Bernardino, CA