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Kindle review

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by Charles Wehrenberg

"The Kindle is a lot more than 3G e_candy."

  • 2009:

  • Kindle reader arrives right on time. Nicely packaged. Oh! It does look nice coming out of the box. Stylish, sexy in today's parlance. Enough juice in the battery to turn on immediately. Nice screen! Very readable. The text-to-speech feature reads the letter from Bezos, and it reads the text effectively. Great feature. Let's go shopping for a newspaper, a magazine and a book. Let's try The New York Times and maybe the New Yorker, and let's search the store for a Kindle how-to book about authoring Kindle books.

  • Sally Larsen loves the New York Times on the Kindle and she isn't much inclined to read newspapers.

  • I've played with my Kindle for a couple days. My hat is off to Bezos and Amazon for a job well done: The Kindle is a lot more than 3G e_candy. It's the future for keyboard artists like myself. Great erogonomics. Very effective screen and font. Responsive, meaningful features. This design is going to be around for awhile. There will be Solo Zone Publishing titles in the Kindle store in the near future.

  • As a small independent publisher, I quickly find that reformatting older digital manuscripts intended for printing is a bit more than merely tedious. There are some tricks to find. Somehow publishing is never easy. I decide that if I can find an ebook on the Kindle which enables me to publish on the Kindle without losing too much sleep, that the potential and probable success of the Kindle will demonstrate itself.

  • Joshua Tallent's Complete Formatting Guide is a solid starting point, although my familiarity with the earlier html mark-up languages has proved indispensible.

  • 2010:
  • Solo Zone Publishing ebook titles published for the Kindle! Check the Amazon Kindle Store for Solo Zone Publishing titles by Bart Alberti, B.J. Cash, Neeli Cherkovski, Sally Larsen, James M. Mallon, and Charles Wehrenberg. With more to come as the Kindle, Android, iPad and Blackberry continue to provide more opportunities for enhanced electronic editions.
  • 2011:

  • New enhanced titles to be announced in June 2011.