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What should five stars mean?

          User reviews of ebooks posted on-line at places like the store and on community pages like LIVING OUTLOUD at Facebook can be important to a book's success. They need not be exhaustive. Accessibility is the key, meaning short and to the point. A simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down is preferable to insightful yet tedious. Of course, you can always embellish with a quote, or a little something about about a character or about the setting, but here is what must be considered:

  • Do I like the book itself, the feel of it, its layout and its appearance? Yes, one star. *
  • Do I care about the characters and want to know what happens to them? Yes, another star. **
  • Am I intrigued by the story line and satisfied with its denouement? Yes, a third star. ***
  • Do I find the book a good read and well written throughout? Yes, a fourth star. ****
  • Have I found myself thinking about the book later, perhaps considered it as a gift? Yes, a fifth star. *****
  • *****