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Getting Out There!

How to live your life outloud!

Look into your heart and mind, and into the facts of the matter,
then Speak Out with clarity and eloquence...
As I have with my jumpy movies on YouTube
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Eating Forbidden Fruit      Opening Pandora's Box      Playing with Fire

      What-if? Gee-if-only.... A web of socio-psychic inertia befuddles almost everyone. Most people are caught up in specious assumptions which amount to little more than long held prejudices or personal preferences. Clarity requires that you sweep these cobwebs away. How do you jar things loose inside your head? Many societies and most shamans have made good use of the God-given entheogens to accomplish this, psychoactive plants like amanita muscaria, atropa, datura, morning glory, oriental poppy, cannabis, and peyote. Alcohol would seem the most treacherous muse.To see beyond yourself you need to shake things up inside, maybe shuck a few borrowed opinions, and then to reveal what you see, you need to get real loose. Drugs work. So can meditation and concentration. The artist lives life out loud through a commitment to the expressivity of poetry, prose, painting, photography, music, even software. The risk is absolute. You must make use of every trick in the play book, and then some. You cannot hold back, yet any misstep relegates would-be genius to irrevelance. Consider the risk taken by an artist like Sally Larsen or a poet like Jack Hirschman. [2.7 MB download!]

Becoming One with the Floppy Philosophy Club

means becoming someone thoughtful
who bothers to think before they comment!

Using Einstein's Tools

to refine yourself

      Do YOU have what it takes? Let me use a metaphor dear to my heart, surfing. Every surfer knows that when a wave comes you either catch a ride on it, or that opportunity goes on by. You have to be there and be ready to get up and go. Opportunities do present themselves, usually when most unexpected; some few are pure gold, yet most a total waste of time...for you. You have to know who you are willing to be because, as ever, luck favors the prepared.

      Preconceived notions blur distinctions and thereby block decisive action. That is why what-if and gee-if-only are part of every life.... You can weigh the pros and cons of what comes your way forever, or you can get on with it or go beyond it using The Tool. This is a simple decision making device that I have used to survive without a job. For years, I have strived to refine this friendly little artificial intelligence tool which applies Albert Einstein's famous e = mc² equation to everyday life.

First, check out how Einstein's big idea pertains to personal ambitions and to all commitments;
answer thorny questions like "Should I take out a loan to go to college?"

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