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     Neeli Cherkovski’s Albert Einstein emerges as the first Jewish Super-Hero. To become mythic Einstein scrambles poetically through time and space, exploring light, gravity, and the realities of existence. Never losing hope, he toys with the Devil as his equations deliver the atomic bomb, and he dares to spar with God as he supposes that the Creator would be constrained by the universal laws of physics which govern the material world. Science and religion will never be the same.


Andrei Codrescu on Einstein Alive: "All that haunts: mystery, love, Jewishness, time... a splendid poetic meditation."

Stephen W. Hawking on the Man of the Century himself: "Einstein never accepted that the universe was governed by chance; his feelings were summed up in his famous statement "God does not play dice." A Brief History of Time

Gerry Nicosia on Neeli Cherkovski: "a lyrical gift easily greater than any other poet of his generation. San Francisco Chronicle May 2005.


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